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Making of a Nation 1 sep. 2004 - 1 des. 2050 National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

The National Museum of Iceland's permanent exhibition, Making of a Nation - Heritage and History in Iceland, is intended to provide insight into the history of the Icelandic nation from the Settlement to the present day.

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Points of View 18 apr. 2015 - 1 des. 2020 Culture House Hverfisgata 15

The exhibition Points of View gives visitors the chance to delve into the collections of six different cultural institutions. A unique journey through Iceland's visual legacy, offering an innovative guide to a nation's cultural history.

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Mirror of Society 1770 15 jún. 2017 - 3 jún. 2018 Culture House Hverfisgata 15

The Iceland Commission was appointed by the King of Denmark on 20 March 1770. The Iceland Commission was expected to investigate general conditions in Iceland and submit proposals for improvement. The commission members were Andreas Holt, deputy commissioner from Oslo; Þorkell Fjeldsted, lawspeaker in the Faroe Islands; and Thomas Windekilde, former merchant in Iceland. Eyjólfur Jónsson, royal astronomer in Copenhagen, was appointed secretary. 

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The Long Apartment Block in Upper Breiðholt 20 jan. 2018 - 27 maí 2018 The Photo Gallery - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

The building measures 320 metres, bearing a resemblance to a great wall. With its twenty staircases and 200 apartments, it is home to a few hundred people. David Barreiro has photographed the building, the interiors of the apartments, and its inhabitants who share the experience of moving to Iceland from across the world.

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Fishing Stations of Old Iceland 20 jan. 2018 - 27 maí 2018 The Wall - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

Karl Jeppesen has photographed old fishing stations and camps around Iceland. On The Wall a selection of these photographs is exhibited. The abandoned fishing stations are in varying conditions. Some are clearly visible, but others have disappeared from the face of the earth. 

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Splendid saddlery 24 feb. 2018 - 21 okt. 2018 The Arc Hall - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

Horsemen and -women took pride in high-quality and ornamental riding equipment. A beautifully-decorated saddle was a valuable possession. In past centuries women generally rode in a side-saddle with both legs on one side of the horse or "aside", while men rode "astride".

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