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Bundled-up in Blue 23.5.2015 - 30.9.2017 The Corner - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

An exhibition based on new research on the bones and grave good found in a settlement-era grave.

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Ísland í heiminum

Iceland in the World, the World in Iceland 24.11.2016 - 29.10.2017 The Arc Hall - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

Iceland, in both past and present, has been characterised by transnationalism – just like other countries in the world. Iceland has thus been a part of the mobility of people and ideas through the centuries. It is important to highlight this in the present, when current discourse is often based on the idea that in the past different parts of the world existed in isolation from each other. Prejudices are nothing new in Icelandic society, as for centuries Icelanders' ideas have been influenced by global conceptions of race.


Krossfestingarmynd á skinnblaði frá 14. öld 11.5.2017 - 30.4.2018 Safnahúsið við Hverfisgötu

Í Safnahúsinu er sérsýning frá Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum. Þar er sýndur í fyrsta sinn kjörgripur úr handritasafni Árna Magnússonar: Krossfestingarmynd á skinnblaði frá 14. öld.

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Inga Lisa

Thoughts of Home - Inga Lísa Middleton 3.6.2017 - 17.9.2017 14:00 - 17:00 The Wall - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

The title of the exhibition Thoughts of home refers to the subject of the photographs and their dreamlike hue. The photographer Inga Lísa Middleton lives in the United Kingdom and exhibits at the Wall of the Photographic Gallery photographs from her home country Iceland. The photographs are printed using a method called Cyanotype, giving them their characteristic blue tint. 


Birds, Fjord and Iceland Photographs by Björn Björnsson 3.6.2017 - 17.9.2017 14:00 - 17:00 Myndasalur

Björn Björnsson (1889-1977) was a self-taught photographer who worked as such in Iceland's Eastfjords alongside his work as a retailer in Norðfjörður mainly, but also in Seyðisfjörður and Djúpivogur. In later years, Björn specialised in nature photography and travelled the country for this purpose. His photographs of birds were published in newspapers and magazines, such as British Birds. An exhibition of Björn Björnsson's photographs will be on view in the Photo Gallery of the National Museum of Iceland 3.6.-17.9.2017. 


Mirror of Society 1770 15.6.2017 - 3.6.2018 Culture House Hverfisgata 15