Application for access to Museum objects for examination

Application for access to Museum objects for examination

The National Museum of Iceland encourages research on items in the Museum's collection, as research brings out the knowledge embodied in the object. In order to apply for permission to examine objects, this application form must be filled out.

Information on many of the objects and documents conserved by the National Museum of Iceland is accessible via the Sarpur cultural-heritage database on the website

Access to objects is subject to the rules and conditions set out below, guided by principles of long-term conservation and with reference to the National Museum of Iceland Act no. 140/2011, the Cultural Heritage Act no. 80/2012 , and the ICOM Code of Ethics.  The National Museum of Iceland does its utmost to ensure professional handling of applications for access to objects its collection.


1. An application for access to objects for examination must be submitted at least two weeks before the requested time of examination, and shall be submitted to the Museum online in electronic form. Applications are answered as soon as possible, and not later than two weeks after receipt. Note that the application can be handled more speedily if it includes precise details of catalogue numbers andnames of objects.
2. If the application is approved, examination facilities will be reserved for the proposed time of examination at the premises of the Museum's depository at Tjarnarvellir 11, 221 Hafnarfjörður. The examination facilities are normally accessible Monday to Friday 8.00 to 16.00. If an extension of these access hours is desired, Depository staff must be given advance notice, so that arrangements may be made.
3. The approval of an application is valid only for the individual(s) named in the application for objects for examination.
4. Visitors must provide their own equipment for use in the examination, such as cameras, measuring tools, scales, magnifying glasses etc.
5. Food and drink are not permitted in the examination facilities, but visitors are welcome to make use of the staff refreshment room.

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Access to the following Museum objects is requested:

Terms and conditions

  • 1. All applications for access to objects in the National Museum collection are considered by Museum staff. Approval of an application is subject to the application being accompanied by sufficient information. Certain objects may be deemed too sensitive for examination.
  • 2. In the case of an application regarding a number of objects, the Museum reserves the right to divide the consideration of the application into smaller parts, in consultation with the applicant.
  • 3. Museum objects shall be handled with the utmost care, and in accord with the guidance of National Museum staff.
  • 4. A copy of documentation arising from the examination shall be provided to the Museum. This applies to photographs, drawings, measurements and findings. Copies of essays and published writings which refer to the research on the Museum objects shall be provided to the Museum. If the documents are catalogued on the Sarpur database, sources will be referenced. In the case of a large-scale study, a brief interim report shall be submitted every six months.
  • 5. The National Museum of Iceland shall be cited in publication of material relating to objects in the Museum collection.

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