Application for sampling

Application for sampling


The National Museum of Iceland encourages research on items in the Museum's collection, as research brings out the knowledge embodied in the object. In order to apply for permission to examine objects, this application form must be filled out.

 Rules and guidance  

1. A request to take samples from objects (including bones) must be submitted at least one month before the requested time. The application will be answered as soon as possible, and not more than one month after receipt.
2. National Museum staff are not responsible for selecting objects for sampling. The applicant shall have examined the objects before submitting an application for sampling (Application for access to objects in the Museum collection for examination ). The application must include precise details of the catalogue number and name of objects, in order for the application to be considered (6. Information on collection objects).
3. The application shall be accompanied by a detailed research protocol, stating the objectives and purpose of the study. Collaborators, if any, shall be identified. Expected findings and results shall be stated. The application shall state whether the applicants have previously worked on any comparable projects (3. Research protocol).
4. The methodology to be used in sampling and analysis shall be explained. The application shall state who will take the sample, and where the applicant would prefer the sampling to take place. The size of the sample shall be specified, and where on the object it is to be taken (4. Methodology of sampling ) and (5. Methodology of analysis).
5. Work facilities are on the premises of the National Museum depository at Vesturvör 16-20, Kópavogur. They are normally accessible Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 16:00.
6. The approval of an application is valid only for the individual(s) named in the application for sampling.

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1. Information about the applicant:

2. Information about sampling:

Have objects/bones for sampling been examined and selected?

Have objects/bones for sampling been examined and selected?

Will analysis destroy the samples?

Will analysis destroy the samples?

3. Research protocol:

4. Methodology of sampling:

6. Methodology of analysis:

Information on objects in the museum's collection:

Terms and conditions

  • 1. All applications for sampling are considered by National Museum of Iceland staff. Sampling has an irreversible effect on objects. In consideration of applications the Museum will take account inter alia of the needs of the scholarly community; museum codes of ethics; the reliability and experience of research methods; long-term conservation of objects in the Museum collection; potential for research at a later date; and whether research of a similar nature has previously been carried out on the objects.
  • 2. In the case of an application regarding a number of objects,the Museum reserves the right to divide the consideration of the application into smaller parts, in consultation with the applicant.
  • 3. Museum objects shall be handled with the utmost care, and in accord with the guidance of National Museum staff.
  • 4. If it is requested that the sampling take place outside the Museum, the final decision in that regard shall lie with Museum staff, in consultation with applicant.
  • 5. The question of where on the object a sample is to be taken shall be determined by potential results of analysis, the effect on the appearance of the object, and potential for further research at a later date.
  • 6. Photographs shall be taken of the objects and of the place on the object where the sample is taken, both before and after sampling.
  • 7. Unused samples, and samples not destroyed by analysis, shall be returned to the Museum when the study has been completed.
  • 8. A copy of documentation arising from the examination shall be provided to the Museum. This applies to photographs, drawings, measurements and findings. Copies of essays and published writings which refer to the research on the Museum objects shall be provided to the Museum. If the documents are catalogued on the Sarpur database, sources will be referenced. In the case of a large-scale study, a brief interim report shall be submitted every six months, or by agreement. The National Museum of Iceland shall be cited in publication of material relating to objects in the Museum collection.
  • 9. If a research project is abandoned before analysis has been completed, the National Museum shall be notified, and all samples shall be returned. A report on the sampling, together with photographs, shall be submitted with the samples.

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