Covid-19: Substantial easing of restrictions on gatherings from 25 May

The maximum number of people allowed to gather together will be raised to 150 and the face-mask and 2-m social distancing rules are to be relaxed.

It should be noted that the current requirements regarding the registration of guests and customers will remain in force.

The general restriction on numbers at gatherings will rise from 50 to 150 persons. Restrictions will not apply to children born in or after 2015.

Social distancing: The 2-metre social distancing rule will remain in force except in restaurants, events where guests are seated, in schools and in swimming pools and bathing facilities; there, the social distancing requirement will be 1 metre.

Face masks: The requirement to wear face masks will be relaxed; for example, it will be abolished in shops and workplaces. The requirement will apply only at events where guests or audience members are seated, i.e. at stage performances, in cinemas, in church, at sporting events and other similar gatherings. Face-masks must also be worn by those performing services where proximity is inevitable, such as hairdressing salons, massage facilities and similar places. Healthcare facilities may make more stringent demands regarding the use of face masks.

Swimming pools, bathing facilities, camp sites, skiing facilities, galleries and museums may admit the full number of guests for which they are licensed instead of the 75% rule applying hitherto.

Further information on restrictions: