Temporary Exhibitions

Welcome to the Family Room!

  • The National Museum of Iceland

The Family Room is for families, school groups, and other visitors to the Museum. It is an adaptable space that can be changed from a lounge to a classroom or a laboratory as required. 

The display cases and drawers in the Family Room contain objects from the National Museum collection. How were the objects used? What connects them, or distinguishes them? Do we know who they belonged to? For information on the objects, go to www.thjodminjasafn.is/familyroom

At the inner end of the space is the Hillock, where visitors can make themselves comfortable, find something to read, and play games. The Hillock can serve as a Viking ship carrying the first settlers to Iceland, or a baðstofa, Icelanders‘ living accommodation in their turf houses, or a viewing platform with views of past and future.