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  • Burstafell

Bustarfell in Vopnafjörður

Open daily from June 1 - September 20th from 10-17

At Bustarfell there is a large, elegant turf farm which has been in the care of the National Museum since 1943. It houses the Bustarfell museum where old artifacts from the farm and from the family who lived there are exhibited. It is believed that the old farm at Bustarfell was founded in 1770.

Open daily from June 1 - September 20th from 10-17.

In 1944 the old farmhouse was adapted to the needs of a 20th century family by adding three small concrete structures: a small kitchen, a central-heating compartment and a lavatory. Central heating was installed, along with electricity supplied by a small generator in the larder. Several floors are covered in sheet flooring; such flooring was first installed in the early 1900s. The present farmhouse is thus a unique example of the way a centuries-old architectural tradition was adapted to the technological advances of the last century. Bustarfell Heritage Museum A heritage museum is housed in the turf farmhouse. The majority of the exhibits were owned by Methúsalem Methúsalemsson (1889-1969), farmer at Bustarfell, but items have also been added from elsewhere in the region. In 1982 Methúsalem's personal collection was established as a non-profit organisation, the Bustarfell Heritage Museum. The collection was presented to the people of Vopnafjörður by his daughter, Elín Methúsalemsdóttir, for conservation. New objects are still being contributed to the collection. The collection is still presented much as Methúsalem intended, leaving a distinct impression that the residents of the farmhouse have just stepped out and will be back in a minute. The museum offers a number of events each year, such as Bustarfell Day in July. The Hjáleigan/Croft café, adjacent to the old farmhouse, is open daily during the summer season.