Historic Buildings
  • Staðarkirkja

Staður Church at Reykjanes Reykhólasveit

Open daily from 8 - 6 pm.

About 8 kilometers from Reykhólar on the Reykjanes peninsula in East Barðastrandarsýsla district is the church Staðarkirkja. 

In previous years there was a major farm there as well as the Catholic church Ólafskirkja. A vicarage was at Staður until 1948 when it was moved to Reykhólar, where there had formerly been a subsidiary church belonging to Staður. Staðarkirkja church was built in 1864 by Daníel Hjaltason, goldsmith, local official and farmer.

Open daily from 8 - 6 pm. Please take good care of the House and surroundings.