Historic Buildings
  • Þverá í Laxárdal

Þverá in Laxárdalur

Closed for public visiting

Þverá is a farm and church site in Laxárdalur, South-Þingeyjarsýsla. The turf farm is of the northern Icelandic type, with the prow facing the road and the backhouses perpendicular to the main buildings. Several outbuildings are still standing, many of them in good condition. The turf farm is currently undergoing repairs and is closed to the public.

The farm was built in the late 19th century by a carpenter and farmer at the location, who was known for his skill in construction and farming. 

At Þverá, many innovative features were implemented. For example, a stream was directed through the wellhouse into the town to provide suitable cooling for food storage. In the old turf buildings the oldest cooperative in the country, Kaupfélag Þingeyinga, was established in 1882. The National Museum of Iceland took ownership of the town in 1968 and soon began restoration work. The sheepfold was renovated in 1998, and new turf roofing was installed on the main buildings in 2002.