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1 May-15 September

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Permanent Exhibition

The Valþjófsstaður door, a church door in the Romanesque style dating from about 1200 AD

The Making of a Nation

The National Museum of Iceland’s permanent exhibition, Making of a Nation - Heritage and History in Iceland, is intended to provide insight into the history of the Icelandic nation from the Settlement to the present day.

The aim is to cast light on the Icelanders’ past by placing the cultural heritage preserved by the National Museum in a historical context, guided by the question: What makes a nation?


Temporary Exhibitions

Hvað er svona?

A Woman's Place...

The exhibition A Woman's Place... examines the working lives of Icelandic women from 1915 to 2015.


About the Museum

Bláklædda konan

Symposium  at the National Museum of Iceland August 29 (1-3 PM)

Bundled-up in Blue – The Re-investigation of a Viking Age Grave

is the theme of the symposium that is based on a research on the bones and grave goods found in a settlement-era grave discovered in 1938 in East-Iceland.