In the Light
  • 18.01.2020 - 30.08.2020 The Photo Gallery - National Museum of Iceland

Gunnar Pétursson, an amateur photographer from Reykjavík, had a long and remarkable career. Whether he photographed nature, the city or its people, all his work was characterised by his subjective view of his surroundings. He saw surfaces, shapes and textures, and strove to capture light and motion in his pictures. He was an active participant in the wave of amateur photography in Iceland in the years after World War II, when new perspectives and trends arrived, and photographic art came into being.

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Saga of Hofstaðir, Unearthing the Past in North Iceland
  • 22.02.2020 - 31.12.2021 The Arc Hall - National Museum of Iceland

At Hofstaðir in the district of Lake Mývatn, north Iceland, extensive archaeological excavations have been carried out over the past three decades. The site includes remains from the Viking Age to the 20th century. A huge Viking-Age structure was excavated: a hall or longhouse where people gathered on social occasions, with other smaller buildings around it. The hall is one of the largest structures ever excavated in Iceland. In addition, a churchyard was excavated at Hofstaðir, which is one of the oldest churchyards unearthed in Iceland. Whole families were laid to rest in the cemetery, and their bones yield evidence about their lives. The face of one of the women buried at Hofstaðir has been reconstructed using DNA technology, and a drawing of her is included in the exhibition.

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Börn skoða ríkisfánann á forsetabílnum með Vigdísi í ferð hennar um Húnavatnssýslu árið 1988. Ljósmyndari: Gunnar Geir Vigfússon.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. President for a New Era
  • The National Museum of Iceland

A page was turned in world history when Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was elected to the presidency of Iceland in 1980 – the first woman in the world to be democratically elected as a head of state. 

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Looking North
  • 18.01.2020 - 30.08.2020 The Wall - National Museum of Iceland

Jessica Auer sets out to explore Iceland's sightseeing destinations, and records tourists' surroundings through her photographic lens. In her pictures, travellers and their material world blend together with the natural surroundings. Tourism is manifested as a transformative force within the Icelandic landscape, and is depicted with visual clarity. Jessica Auer stands apart from her subject, observing from afar like a visitor in an unfamiliar world. Altered landscapes have been addressed through contemporary photography for quite some time, and here, the tourism sector plays a significant role.

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Discovering Iceland's Monasteries
  • 26.5.2018- 21.3.2021 The Corner - National Museum of Iceland Suðurgata 41

The exhibition is based on research done by Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir, professor of archaeology at the University of Iceland and the National Museum of Iceland

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A Rainbow Thread
  • 2019 - 2020 National Museum of Iceland

The Rainbow Guide is a queer guide to The National Museum of Iceland's permanent exhibition, Making of a Nation – Heritage and History in Iceland. It deals with queer history in Iceland. The term queer refers to sex, gender and sexuality that don't coincide with the traditions and customs of a particular time period, including people who would today be called trans, intersex, non-binary, or homo-, bi-, pan- or asexual. The Rainbow Guide is created by The National Museum of Iceland and Samtökin ‘78, The National Queer Organization of Iceland, to mark Samtökin's 40 year anniversary.

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Welcome to the Family Room!
  • The National Museum of Iceland

The Family Room is for families, school groups, and other visitors to the Museum. It is an adaptable space that can be changed from a lounge to a classroom or a laboratory as required. 

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Ganymede by Bertel Thorvaldsen
  • The Culture House - 13.6.2019 - 31.5.2020

The sculpture Ganymede is by the Icelandic/Danish artist Bertel Torvaldsen (1770-1844) and is from the collection of the National Gallery. Thorvaldsen made the original in Rome in 1804, which makes this marble sculpture among the oldest works in the National Gallery's collection. It is on view in the Treasure space at the Culture House.

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The Home of Ingibjörg and Jón Icelanders' Headquarters in Copenhagen 1852–1879
  • Jónshús

Jón was Iceland’s leader in its struggle for an independent union with the Danish king and an exemplar for the independence struggle of later eras. The home, often lively and crowded, was the site of Icelanders’ most important political meetings in Copenhagen.

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Óravíddir - orðaforðinn í nýju ljósi
  • 7. jún. 2019 - 30. júní 2020 Safnahúsið við Hverfisgötu

Óravíddir – orðaforðinn í nýju ljósi er innsetning á myndrænni birtingu íslensks orðaforða í þrívídd sem unnin er upp úr Íslensku orðaneti eftir Jón Hilmar Jónsson.

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