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Children's Culture Festival: Self-Expression on Sexual Health

The Reykjavík Children's Culture Festival, 18.-23. April 2023.

As part of Children's Culture Festival, students in 8th grade in Hagaskóli display textile works that deal with sexual health, gender identity and all the taboos that have surrounded those issues.

The students are about 170, and their art is inspired by the works of artist Kristín Gunnlaugsdóttir. Gunnlaugsdóttir's work often focuses on a woman's life and gender identity, and is therefore related to discussions about gender equality and the importance of healthy self-awareness, especially among young people.

The students carried their work out under the guidance of the teachers Brynja Emilsdóttir and Hjörný Snorradóttir, in WEEK 6 which is a part of the primary schools' sexual health education. The Hagaskóli school is an active participant of the LÁN project.

No entrance fee.