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National Museum of IcelandPrivacy Policy


The National Museum of Iceland functions according to the National Museum of Iceland Act no. 140/2011 and the Cultural Heritage Act no. 80/2012, and it is a principal museum in the field of cultural heritage. It is responsible for collection, cataloguing, preservation and research on the Icelandic cultural heritage, and mediation in Iceland and abroad. 

The policy of the National Museum is to respect privacy at all times and to work only with those personal data which are necessary in order to fulfil the Museum‘s duties under the law. All personal data are processed in accord with legislation and rules on data protection, and care is taken to respect the rights of individuals, e.g. their access rights, under legislation and rules on data protection. Great emphasis is placed upon the application of measures to ensure the security of personal data. e.g. by use of active antiviruses and recognised encryption methods, and by separation of networks such as the visitor network and staff network.

This is the second edition of the National Museum of Iceland Privacy Policy. It was approved by a meeting of departmental heads on 21 September 2021.

Please direct any questions regarding privacy to

All questions on handling of personal data and the National Museum’s privacy policy will be answered under guidance from the Museum’s Privacy Officer.