Frequently asked Questions


Please don't hesitate to contact us via thjodminjasafn@thjodminjasafn.is if you have other questions or can't find the answer below.

Service and Visits

When is the museum open? 

Daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

What is the admission fee to the museum? 

The admission fee is 2,500 ISK. Seniors and students pay 1,200 ISK. Free admission for children up to 18 years old.

Is there a café at the museum? 

Yes. It is open daily from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

When is The Museum Shop open? 

Daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The online store is always open .

Can I book a guided tour for the main exhibition at a time that suits me? 

Yes, you can book a guided tour, max 25 participants. The cost is 30,000 ISK. If you want to book a guided tour please contact our service manager via bokun@thjodminjasafn.is or call, +354 5302207. 

Please note that admission tickets are not included in guided tour.

Groups: can I bring a large group anytime? 

Yes, you are welcome to do so. If the group is larger than 30 people, we recommended to send us a notice via thjodminjasafn@tjodminjasafn.is so that we can better accommodate you.

Lectures, can anyone attend? 

Yes. Guests need admission to attend lectures. The admission fee for adults is 2,500 ISK and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Senior citizens and students pay 1,200 ISK for the ticket. Free admission for children up to 18 years old.

Invoicing, how do I send an invoice to the National Museum? 

Please send an electronic invoice. Those who do not have electronic invoicing service can send the invoice through Fjársýsla ríkisins (the Icelandic State Accounting) by clicking here .

How is accessibility for the disabled at the museum? 

It is easy to navigate the museum in a wheelchair, and there are elevators between floors.

Can guests park near the museum? 

Free parking is available at the National Museum. Also there are paid parking spaces available in the University area.

Can I take photographs at the museum? 

Yes, but only for personal use, please do not use flash.

Can I store valuables or large items at the museum, such as bags? 

Yes, guests can access lockers free of charge. For security reasons, strollers, backpacks, large bags, umbrellas, and other bulky items are not allowed in the exhibition areas. 

Children and Museum Education 

Is it a good idea to bring children to the National Museum of Iceland? 

It is a great idea! Bring your children often, as they will discover something new with every visit.
On the third floor, in the Family Room, children can color and complete all kinds of tasks.

We offer orienteering games for children, please ask for them in the reception.

On the third floor, in Stofa, there are fun activities for children.

Do you offer guided tours for children at the museum?

Yes, on the first Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm, from October to May. We recommend bringing the children back again and again because the guides create new tours for each event.

The tour lasts 30-45 minutes and everyone is welcome. Admission is free for children at the museum, but adult tickets cost 2,500 ISK.

Where can I access educational materials for children?

The museum's website has a variety of online educational materials for children, which can be accessed here (in Icelandic) .

Do you offer guided visit for university students?

Yes, the presentation takes about 90 minutes and includes an introduction and tour of the museum's exhibitions. Send a booking and/or inquiry to kennsla@thjodminjasafn.is.

Historic Buildings

Can I visit historic buildings owned by the National Museum of Iceland? 

Many of the houses are open to the public, either at certain times or by appointment. Information on every building and opening hours can be found here.

Were can I find these historic buildings? 

Please click on the Museum's logo (red). 


Collection of Photographs and Print

How do I submit photos to the museum? 

If you are interested in submitting a photo or a photo collection to the Photograph collection, please send information about the age of the photos, the name of the photographer, the number of photos, and any other relevant information to ljosmyndasafn@thjodminjasafn.is. A specialist at the museum will then contact you.

Can I purchase photos from the Icelandic Museum of Photography? 

Yes. Digital images can be accessed on Sarpur.is and requests can be sent via  ljosmyndasafn@thjodminjasafn.is .

Where can I view photos owned by the Icelandic Museum of Photography?

Digital images can be viewed on Sarpur.is.

The Folk Custom collection

I want to participate in the Folk Custom costume questionaries, how do I do that?

The questionaries can be found on Sarpur.is.

Research and Artifacts 

How do I apply for access to museum objects for examination?  

Access to objects are subject to rules that can be found here along with an application form .

How do I request samples from artifacts/bones? 

The rules about access to objects and an application form can be accessed here.


Where can I find email addresses of museum staff? 

Here you go!