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  • Síra Arnór Árnason

Kaldal's Portraits and Kaldal, Time and Space

  • The Photo Gallery - 2016 - 2017

Photo exhibitions

This year marks 120 years since birth of photographer Jón Kaldal (1896-1981). On this occasion, two exhibitions on his works will open at the National Museum of Iceland. 

Exhibition Kaldal's Portraits on his iconic portrait photograhs, amongst whom include portraits of Icelandic artists. Exhibition Kaldal, Time and Space focuses on the inside of the home, the interiors of dormitories, and workplaces in years 1926-1938. These photographs show the characteristics of the period of early modernism in Iceland. Kaldal's originals, as well as a collection of reproductions from his studio work, are preserved at the National Museum of Iceland.