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Music, Dance and Fashion

  • 12.9.2020 - 14.3.2021 The Wall - National Museum of Iceland

The ambiance of the cultural scene in Iceland is powerfully portrayed in a selection of images by photographer Vigfús Sigurgeirsson (1900 - 1984), taken during World War II. Subjects include dancing girls and musicians, as well as remarkable photos of a fashion show at Hotel Borg. Glamour and sophistication are everywhere.

In the 1930s Vigfús had visited Germany, where he learned about cinematography, while also gaining a new perspective on photography. Hence the influence of German Expressionism is to be seen in his work, where strong contrasts of light and shadow play a major role and intensify the impression of the images.

Vigfús Sigurgeirsson was one of Iceland’s best-known photographers and filmmakers in the first half of the 20th century.