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  • Sýning á Barnamenningarhátíð 2023

Children's Culture Festival: The four Old Guardian Spirits of Iceland and other Creatures

The Reykjavík Children's Culture Festival, 18.-23. april 2023.

The National Museum and Lyngheimar kindergarten in Grafarvogur joined forces and organized three visits by the kindergarten children to the museum. The result of this collaboration is on display as part of the Children's Culture Festival. 

The children carried out various projects, for example on the themes the Old Guardian Spirits of Iceland, My Favorite Thing and Valþjófstaðir door. The children also spun up four stories in the video editor Pupet Pals. 

Collaboration between museums and schools is extremely rewarding for both children and the adults who work with them. The education deepens when the museum visit involves preparation and processing in the kindergarten. This opens up new worlds, where creativity expands and children connect to their own reality.

No entrance fee.