Historic Buildings

Church at Saurbær

Saurbæjarkirkja is one of the few turf churches that have been preserved and it is the largest among them.

It was constructed in 1858 by the master builder Ólafur Briem, who studied carpentry in Copenhagen in the early 19th century. Ólafur was a prolific carpenter in Eyjafjörður during his lifetime, and he is also the designer of Hólakirkja in Eyjafjörður and Gilsstofa, which now stands at Glaumbær in Skagafjörður.

In the architectural detailing of Saurbæjarkirkja, one can discern influences from classical building styles that Ólafur the master carpenter encountered in Denmark.

Saurbæjarkirkja has been under the custody of the National Museum of Iceland since 1962, and extensive renovations were carried out shortly before, according to the accounts of the custodian of national monuments. The church is used as a parish church. In Sólgarður, in the neighboring vicinity of Saurbær, is the Smámunasafn Sverris Hermannssonar, a small museum established by Sverrir Hermannsson, a carpenter from Akureyri.

Guests are welcome at their own responsibility. Please take care of the house and surroundings when visiting.