Historic Buildings
  • Skipalón

Skipalon in Eyjafjörður

Closed for public visiting

At Skipalón, there are two houses under the ownership of the National Museum of Iceland. This was the residence of Þorsteinn Daníelsson (1796-1882), a carpender and prominent figure. He was a pioneer in agriculture in Eyjafjörður and played a key role in establishing commercial fishing in the area. Þorsteinn built both the houses at Skipalón and various other notable houses to the north, as well as boats and various wooden and iron implements. He constructed the residential house, known as Lónsstofa, in 1824 and the workshop house nineteen years later. It is currently closed to the public.

The workshop house is a two-story timber building with horizontal wooden paneling on the exterior walls and a dual roofing system, with shingles below and corrugated iron above. There is a loft above the ground floor for storage purposes. In the western end of the house, there is a double fireplace with a passage in between, constructed with brickwork, and the smoke pipes unite in a chimney on the upper floor of the house.

The National Museum of Iceland took over the workshop house in 1985.